Character class: Paladin
Level: 9th
Race: Human
Alignment: lawful good
Patron Deity: "My Deity"
Place of origin: Central Earth
Birth date: 23 years before the IUDC
Hair color: dark brown (same as beard)
Eye color: green
Sex: M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 168 lbs, not including equipment
Mannerisms: bold but humbled
Relations: Common-law ex-husband of the late Sick Sword, father of Disgusting Sword, Ridiculous Sword, and Gross Sword, grandfather of Unbelievable Sword; husband of Izabella, father of Danny and Sheila.
Place of residence: small castle named "Ringman's House"
City of residence: Town

Character Abilities
ability initial

Saving Throws

Speed: 20 feet (30 feet without armor)

Paladin powers:

  • immune to disease (divine health)
  • immune to fear (aura of courage)
  • +4 supernatural morale bonus to all allies within 10 feet (aura of courage)
  • detect evil at will
  • lay on hands for up to 36 hit points per day
  • remove disease 3x/week
  • With holy avenger: area dispel magic at 9th casting level in a 5-foot radius
  • With holy avenger: SR 15 in a 5-foot radius
  • declare 1 attack/day to be at an additional +4 attack bonus and do +9 damage vs. evil (smite evil)
  • turn undead as 7th-level cleric 6x/day (raised to 10x/day via Extra Turning feat)
  • cast [2 1] paladin spells each day (casting level 5th)

    Skills: (Total skill points: 36)
    climb, 1 rank (+7)
    concentration, 2 ranks (+6)
    craft (stonemasonry), 2 ranks (+2)
    diplomacy, 4 ranks (+8)
    handle animal, 4 ranks (+8)
    heal, 4 ranks (+7)
    knowledge (religion), 2 ranks (+2)
    listen, 1 rank (+4)
    ride (horse), 4 ranks (+7)
    search, 1 rank (+1)
    spot, 1 rank (+4)
    centaur language
    blink dog language
    halfling language

    extra turning
    weapon focus: longsword
    two-weapon fighting
    mounted combat
    power attack

    Armor class:

  • +4 full plate armor: +8 armor, +4 armor enhancement
  • +4 large steel shield: +2 armor, +4 armor enhancement
  • +3 ring of protection: +3 deflection
  • Dexterity score: +3 (reduced to +1 because of armor)
    AC: 32
    Flat-Footed AC: 31
    Shieldless AC: 26
    AC vs. touch attacks: 14 (16 if not wearing armor)
    Total armor check penalty: -6
    Base attack bonus: +9/+4
    Melee attack bonus modifiers: +6 from Strength modifier
    Ranged attack bonus modifiers: +3 from Dexterity modifier
    Melee damage modifiers: +6 from Strength modifier
    Hit point adjustment due to constitution: +4 per hit die
    Hit die type: d10
    Hit points: 88

    Total wealth as coins/gems: 255 g.p. (after tithing)
    Experience points: 39,937

    Spells usually memorized: protection from evil, create water, resist elements.
    Magic components carried: holy symbol

    Magic Items:
    +4 full plate armor
    +4 large steel shield
    +1 composite longbow
    (mighty?), 22 +1 arrows, 12 +3 arrows
    +5 (perhaps +6) sentient Holy Avenger longsword named "Prometheus" (see Peter Perfect's character sheet for details on Prometheus).
    +4 dagger of throwing
    Periapt of Proof against Poison
    ring of shooting stars
    +3 ring of protection
    (no longer available in the 5' radius model)
    (Note: the ring of protection should really be a "ring of resistance," but there is no such thing as a ring of resistance in the 3rd Edition DMG.  The closest thing is a cloak of resistance.  And you can't just wrap a magic cloak around your ring finger and get any of the benefits.)

    Home castle also has a +1 ballista in it.

    Mundane items:
    heavy lance, dagger & scabbard, bastard sword & scabbard, backpack, 10 oil flasks, 1 quart water skin (full), iron rations, bullseye lantern, hooded lantern, tinder box, longsword & scabbard, horseman's flail, 10 silver arrows, quiver with 20 arrows, 12 ballista projectiles.

    Name: Warhorse
    Type: magical horse
    Abilities: Str 20, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 6
    Hit dice: 8d8+24
    Hit points: 69
    Armor worn: +3 full plate barding (+8 armor, +3 enhancement)
    Natural armor: 6 from being a paladin's mount, +4 inherent
    Armor Class: 31 (-1 size, +1 Dex)
    Attacks per round: 2 hooves +11 melee; bite +6 melee
    Damage per attack: Hoof 1d6+5; bite 1d4+2
    Saves: Fort +11, Ref +9, Will +4
    Horseshoes: zephyr & speed
    Speed: 50 feet, reduced to 35 feet by barding; x2 with horseshoes of speed
    Paladin's Mount powers: Improved Evasion, share paladin's spells, empathic link with paladin out to 1 mile

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