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Roger M. Wilcox proudly presents . . . (drum roll) . . . The Internet Stellar Database!  Get all the latest dirt on your favorite stars!  Build your own interstellar empire and save a bundle!  Science fiction enthusiasts especially will find this site a welcome relief from all the toil they usually have to exert just to find out seemingly straightforward facts, like how long the "year" would be on an earthlike planet orbiting Sirius B, or how far it is from Alpha Centauri to Wolf 359.

There are a couple of less-than-popular movies that I really really like.  Take a look, for example, at my Highly Unofficial Logan's Run FAQ.  And if that's not enough for you, take a look at my Shallow Hal gushing fan page.  And don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't be fooled by the Photon Conspiracy!  Read the truth about Dark Sucker Theory!  And while you're at it, consider a membership in The International Square Earth Society.

That Wacky Century: a look back at those fond memories of the Century 1901-2000.

That Wacky Millennium: a look back at those fond memories of the Millennium 1001-2000.

Thinking about renouncing your Social Security number?  Did an article called "The Story of the Buck Act" convince you?  Well, don't believe a story just because it sounds attractive.  Read Debunking "The Story of the Buck Act" for a less conspiratorial treatment of 4 USC 105-110.

On a related, but somewhat more subdued note, you also might want to find out Why You Shouldn't "Trust" Trust Educational Services or National Trust Services.

And speaking of debunking, I've also ventured into taking on the mountain of pseudoscience and pseudotheories that is Orgonomy.  Read my ever-expanding Skeptical Scrutiny of the Works and Theories of Wilhelm Reich.  Warning: Reich's life works covered a lot of different topics, so in order to be thorough, this series of debunking articles of mine is looooooooooooooooong.

The Year 2000 Problem wasn't the only time-bomb lurking in most software.  The next critical year is 2038, for reasons quite different from the ones causing the so-called Millennium Bugs.  Read about it in The Year 2038 Problem.

A few of my old stories are now available on-line in their own little web-cubby hole, including Gaea's Rising, the 1985 rewrite of Tracer, and a host of other (ahem) immortal classics.

I used to play a superhero role-playing game called Champions®. A lot. So much so that my stack of character sheets grew to over an inch-and-a-half thick. Of my Champions characters, Tracer (the 4th one I ever made) was my favorite — so much so that I wrote a near-novelette-length account of his origin story, and ended up using "tracer" as my favorite online username, nickname, and/or handle.

Some of my parody screenplays can be seen on-line, as well.  None of these were ever intended for actual movie or TV production, of course.

For those of you dying for the glorious sounds of my singing voice accompanying my unforgettable classic original songs, I've done the next best thing: I've compiled a MIDI sing-along page containing MIDI files of songs I've written along with lyrics for those songs, so you can sing along and imagine it's my voice you're hearing.

I have some audio cassettes in my collection that contain music recorded nowhere else.  Now, some of these are available in digital-audio format on my Digital-audio rescue page. I've also recorded some of my songs which have never been on cassette or any other analog medium before; these are on my Digital-audio recordings page.

But for a real blast from my literary past, you AD&D fans should take a gander at my Intercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters webpage.  It's got murder.  It's got mystery.  It's got romance.  It's got disgustingly powerful characters, the kind only a munchkin would enjoy role-playing, beating the crap out of one another.  Did you know there's a sequel on this page, and character sheets for all the major characters, too?

I also have a little repository here devoted to some of the old TRS-80 adventure games I wrote and then ported to Windows.

Hnakra Wars: The wargame based on C.S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet.  Sort of.

Death Munchkin! is a role-playing game I'm still in the process of developing.  It's my attempt to make Steffan O'Sullivan's FUDGE system amenable to munchkin-style powergaming.

The Pentagon War is a science fiction novel I've tried off-and-on to write ever since 1980.  It's still nowhere near being finished yet.  Meanwhile, The Pentagon War game was a game based on The Pentagon War.  I began writing the game in 1983, and have never really finished it, either.  The game system borrows heavily from Task Force Games' Star Fleet Battles.

I used to think resembles rec.humor.  Now I think it more closely resembles  See what I mean by reading my list of The Real-Life Romances of r.a.t.m.m.

Arenak World: Answers the immortal question, "What if E.E. 'Doc' Smith's arenak was for real?"

Vegetable-Free Living: Don't like vegetables?  You shouldn't have to like them!  Vegetables are evil, and you can do just as well without them.

The Challenge of the SuperFriends episode reviews: I picks up where Jabootu's Nuggets section left off.

Roger M. Wilcox's biographical articles: For those of you who just can't get enough of me.

And, of course, what self-respecting software geek's homepage would be complete without a copy of his resume?

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