The OverDone!

(Peter Banner, He Who Absorbs Origins)

Character sheet for 5th Edition HERO System™ (Champions)

50 STR 45
38 DEX 84
23 CON 26
16 BODY 12
38 INT 28
23 EGO 26
30 PRE 20
16 COM 3
11 PD
8 ED 3
12 SPD 72
36 END
Total cost 319

37", 1184" noncombat

7", 14" noncombat

OCV: 13
DCV: 13
ECV: 8

INT roll: 17-
PER roll: 20-
DEX roll: 17-
EGO roll: 14-

*) OAF - light saber
Skills, Talents, Perks, and Powers
costSkill, Perk, or Powerroll
82+31" Running, 32x Noncombat
10+5" Swimming
19Martial: Strike Disarm Dodge Block Throw
  (with unarmed combat and light sabers)
10Find Weakness with Martial Strike 11-
30Unperceived Danger Sense16-
10Clinging (normal STR)
9Acrobatics, Breakfall, and Stealth 17-
4Idiomatic Romanian
1015 points of Mental Defense
20Elemental Control - Mental Powers
20     8d6 Telepathy (4 END)
20     2d6 Entangle based on ECV (4 END)
40     Clairvoyance + future & past (2+2 END)
25     15 STR Telekinesis based on ECV (4 END)
37+35 STR, 2 levels of Density Increase and
  1 level of Growth (Persistent), -20 INT,
  +10 DEF, +10 PRE, & major unconcealable
  features (only when angered or enraged)
5+5 Extra Push
5Life Support: may breathe under water
3725 point Magic Pool, no book needed
3Magic Skill17-
2520 point Gadget Pool, no lab needed, OAF only
342d6 Armor Piercing HKA, 0 END*
10Missile Deflection vs. all ranged attacks*
6Electronics and Mechanics11-
14Physics, Occult Science, Kinesiology, 17-
  Parapsychology, Chemistry, Subatomic
  physics, and Electrical Engineering
3+3 Enhanced Perception20-
5511" Stretching (5 END)
40Desolidification - vibrating (4 END)
10+10" Superleap (+2 END)
599 Total cost of Skills, Perks, and Powers

Total Points: 319 + 599 = 918
Experience Points Spent: 0

15Secret Identity: Peter Banner, mild-mannered genius
15Hunted by Mephistopheles (8 or less)
60Disadvantages Total

The OverDone was born a mutant child to a band of Romanian gypsies. The nature of his mutant powers was nothing as tangible as teleportation or super-healing or optic blasts: it was the ability to have and contain a greater wealth of power and knowledge within his otherwise-frail frame than any other human could possibly survive.

The gypsies taught him well in the mystic ways of the mind and the occult, practically from the time he was an infant. At age five, though, his poor parents were so incredibly poor that they could no longer afford to feed and clothe him: so they set him in a basket on a doorstep and fled back into the woods. That doorstep happened to belong to the Shao-Lin temple.

For the next ten years he trained feverishly in the martial arts. He turned out to be quite adept at it. In fact, he turned out to be quite adept at learning anything he set his mind to. After achieving "Superior Ultra Grand Master" status, he set out on his way to find his long lost parents. And much to his dismay, he found them . . . or what was left of them.

The rest of his entire family — his mother, his father, and his twenty-seven sisters and brothers — had all been wiped out by a green glowing radioactive meteor. All that remained of their belongings was a three-inch-thick book of magic spells. Feeling mingled remorse and curiosity, the young man perused the book and learned — by memory — every secret between its covers in a matter of weeks. Then he burnt the book and the scattered remains of his family in a makeshift funeral pyre (atop the green glowing radioactive meteor fragments, of course).

Having nothing left for him in his home country of Romania, he set out for the United States. Having seen Soviet oppression close up (whenever he looked out of the windows at Shao-Lin — it was the Romanian division of the Shao-Lin temple, you see), he decided to join the military and teach those lecherous commies a lesson. Unfortunately, the army's medical examiners gave him a failing grade on his entrance physical (an error on their part — they read his chart upside-down). However, they did recommend him as a good test subject for a new super-soldier serum that was being perfected even as they spoke. He volunteered, and his already superb body was heightened to the very limits of human (or mutant) development. At that point, the KGB broke in and killed the Nobel-prize winning pharmacist who had created the serum and had committed the formula to memory, thereby leaving our test subject (who had assumed the name of Peter Banner at Ellis Island) as the only living recipient of the serum. It was this incident which aroused his interest in chemistry; although, as he and everyone else would later discover, the super-soldier serum was completely unduplicatable.

Feeling obliged to repay the military (and squash some commies), he joined the army and was almost instantly accepted into the Special Forces. Unfortunately for him, though, he spent most of his time mucking about in Nicaragua instead of Russia or Russian-occupied Afghanistan, so he gave up the military after his first tour of duty. During his time in the service, however, he took a correspondence course in subatomic physics and was offered a job at Omnipotence Systems Incorporated the moment he got out.

While Working at Omnipotence Systems Inc. (or OSI for short), Peter had a couple of lab accidents which mildly hindered his work. He was bitten by a radioactive spider and subsequently inundated with a lethal dose of gamma rays. But these little distractions were only speed-bumps on his way to his real goal: During his perusal of the Mystic Book of Spells at age 15, he learned that the evil Mephistopheles was torturing his mother's soul on the plane of Hell; and modern technology could give him the tools he needed to breach the barriers between the planes!

And so, after five years of laborious research, he snuck into the lab one night, activated his super-secret duotronic fabric-of-the-universe destabilizer, boosted the power gain with a chunk of the green glowing radioactive meteorite he'd kept in his pocket all these years as a remembrance, and catapulted himself across the eighth dimension . . . into Hell.

Or at least, he thought he was going to hell. Actually, he'd miscalculated his trajectory (there's a first time for everything) and had wound up on Dagobah. Before he could rig up another super-secret duotronic fabric-of-the-universe destabilizer, though, he met Yoda and embarked on a rigorous program of Jedi knight training. After honing his skill with the Force until he could levitate boxes and see across time (he'd already perfected his telepathic powers when he was a gypsy), he looked deep into his genetic past and found out that he was not only the son of Darth Vader, but the Kwisatz Haderach of Bene Gesserit selective-breeding as well.

Armed with this new knowledge, he tucked his ceremonial light saber under his arm and headed back for Earth in an old X-wing fighter he found. Just before he re-entered Earth's atmosphere, though, he got caught in a totally unforeseen cosmic ray storm which gave him fantastic stretching powers. He was going to try for Hell again, but instead decided just to send Mephistopheles a threatening letter-bomb or something. Mephisto could wait. Aside from one little incident with a lightning bolt and a cabinet of chemicals, he's been leading a pretty normal life ever since.

Just be careful not to overdo it
(Panel from "What's New! With Phil & Dixie")

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