ISOMATA Youth Choir concert, 2-August-1981

This concert wasn't professionally recorded. The recording here was made by my dad, from the audience, with a cassette tape recorder. This, combined with the fact that the cassette was nearly four decades old when this digital-audio transfer was made, means that the audio quality is not good. Not only is there background noise, there are occasional audio dropouts where the tape may have degraded, particularly in the left audio channel.

But still, this is the only recording I have of this concert.

I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang in the tenor section in this program.

Dwight Alan Holmes, director

Praise Ye the Lord, Ye Children, by Christopher Tye (1505-1572)

Lebenslust, by Franz Schubert

Sanctus and Hosanna, from Missa Luba, a Congolese mass by Father Guido Haazen. This performance was not conducted by Holmes.

All God's Children Got Shoes, Gospel/Spiritual

Shenandoah, traditional, arranger unknown. Soprano soloist: Janine Wanee

I Bought Me a Cat, by Aaron Copland and William Warfield

Laudate Jehovam, Omnes Gentes, by Georg Philipp Telemann

Circus Band, by Charles Ives. The concert "next Saturday" mentioned in the intro was captured on vinyl.

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