ISOMATA Festival Choir concert, 16-August-1981

This concert wasn't professionally recorded. The recording here was made by my dad, from the audience, with a cassette tape recorder. This, combined with the fact that the cassette was nearly four decades old when this digital-audio transfer was made, means that the audio quality is not good. Not only is there background noise, I suspect my dad may have had the record volume turned up too high because I can hear distinctive signs of analog audio distortion.

But still, this is the only recording I have of this concert.

I, Roger M. Wilcox, sang in the tenor section in this program.

Rodney Eichenberger, director

O God, Who In Thy Heavn'ly Hand, from Joseph And His Brethren by George Friedrich Händel

For Zion Lamentation Make, from Judas Maccabaeus by George Friedrich Händel

And I Will Exalt Him, from Israel in Egypt by George Friedrich Händel

Die Primel, Op. 48 No. 2 by Felix Mendelssohn

Die Nachtigall, Op. 59 No. 4 by Felix Mendelssohn

Mailied, Op. 41 No. 5 by Felix Mendelssohn

Sure On This Shining Night, by Samuel Barber

Two Cat Songs, by Wilfred Josephs

Sweet Lovers Love the Spring, a.k.a. "It Was a Lover and His Lass" from As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Since I don't have the program for this performance, I don't know who wrote the music, though it's obviously got a jazz influence.

I Wanna Be Ready, arr. by J. Miller. I don't know who the soprano soloist was.

Walk Together Children, arr. by R. Decormier. I don't know who either of the soloists were.

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