Roger M. Wilcox's mom's baby pictures

In 2021, my mom, Mary, gave me a book of her baby and young-child pictures. These had been taken by her parents, Rachel B. and Frank T., after she was born in the mid-1930s. These are the pictures I scanned from that book. All photos were scanned at 300 DPI.

Against a brick wall:

Against a brick wall again:

Frank T. in background in suit, large photo:

Frank T. in background in suit, small photo:

First house she lived in as a baby:

First house, another photo:

Second house, or maybe this was her first house:

Held by Frank T., with their dog and stroller in the background:

Held by her housekeeper:

Held by Rachel B., probably in front of a hedge around their house:

Held by Rachel B., to one side of their house:

Holding hands with her housekeeper, who was only partly in frame:

Holding her clip-on roller skates:

Holding her clip-on roller skates, same negative, different print:

In her back yard:

In a meadow with her housekeeper:

In a meadow with her housekeeper again (partial double-exposure):

In her stroller:

Looking back, as if to ask the cameraman "What do you want?":

Looking through the glass on a door at either another kid or a doll:

Portrait of her as a newborn:

Portrait of her as a newborn again, but from a smaller and somewhat faded print:

In front of a couple of bushes:

Next to her parents' car:

Sitting on a chair, with her feet propped up on a cushion:

Riding on Frank T.'s shoulder:

With the rest of a very young school class:

Sitting on a cushion with a book:

Sitting with the dog, while her housekeeper is partly in frame:

With another kid on the sidewalk:

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